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Fijian Americans
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Total population
24,629 alone,
32,304 including partial ancestry, 0.01%
(2010 Census: ancestry or ethnic origin)
40,897 (Fijian-born, 2007-2011)[1]
Regions with significant populations
American English, Fiji Hindi, and Fijian
Hindu, Islam, and Christian
Related ethnic groups
Pacific Islanders, Fijian people

Fijian Americans are Americans of Fijian origin. Fijian Americans are considered Pacific Islanders in the United States Census. There are 32,304 Fijian Americans living in the U.S. as of 2010, with 75% of them living in the state of California alone.[2]



There are 32,304 Fijian Americans in the United States. California has the largest population of people of Fijian descent, enumerating 19,355 residents (0.06% of the state's population). The largest Fijian communities are in Sacramento County, Sonoma County, and Alameda County. There is a sizable community of Fijian Americans in Modesto (0.6%; 1,109 residents).[2] These communities consists of basically Indians in Fiji.

Fijian Americans have several association, between them, the Fiji American National Association, Fana in Hayward, California,[3] and the Fiji American welfare Association.[4]


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