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Fijian passport
Issued by  Fiji
Type of document Passport
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements Fijian citizenship
Cost FJD 76.00[1]

Fijian passports are issued to citizens of Fiji by the Passport Division of the Department of Immigration, under the ambits of the Fiji Islands Passports Act 2002.[citation needed]

Types of passports[edit]

Fiji issues three types of passport:[2]

  • Ordinary Passport – Bright blue cover. Issued to ordinary citizens of Fiji. Valid for ten years.

Visa requirements for Fijian citizens

  • Diplomatic Passport – Scarlet red cover. Issued to the President and spouse, Prime Minister and spouse, government ministers and government officials working in diplomatic missions. Generally valid for ten years, but validity may be limited by term of appointment.
  • Certificate of identity (CI) – May be issued to facilitate emergency travel, and can be issued to non-citizens. Generally valid for a single trip only.

All passport applications lodged within Fiji or its diplomatic missions are referred to the Passport Division in Suva for assessment and issue. Certificates of identity may be issued by Fijian diplomatic missions for emergency travel only.


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