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Filabusi is located in Zimbabwe
Location of Filabusi
Farming area near Filabusi.

Filabusi is a district in Matabeleland South province in Zimbabwe. It is the district capital of Insiza (District) and service centre for the surrounding mining and farming areas.

Mining in the Filabusi area is now mainly small scale gold mining. In the past, Filabusi was a major producer of gold with mines such as Fred and Royal Family, nickel at Epoch (Bindura Nickel Corporation) and asbestos at Pangani and Croft, but all these are now closed.[1]

Agriculture in the Filabusi area comprises cattle ranching and small-scale farming (see photo), the latter mainly on recent resettlement land.

Filabusi town is supplied with water from a weir on the Insiza River.


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Coordinates: 20°32′S 29°17′E / 20.533°S 29.283°E / -20.533; 29.283