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Filadelfo Mugnos (1607 – May 28, 1675) was an Italian historian, genealogist, poet and man of letters.[1]

Frontpage of his Teatro genologico

He was born in Sicily at Lentini in 1607, but moved while young to Palermo. He obtained a doctorate in Law at the University of Catania.[2] He was made a member of the Portuguese chivalric Order of Christ and of various learned academies of the day.[1][2]

Of his numerous historical works, the best known is the Teatro genealogico delle famiglie nobili, titolate, feudatarie ed antiche del fedelissimo regno di Sicilia viventi ed estinte, published in three volumes between 1647 and 1670,[2] which for many centuries has been the mainstay for knowledge about of Sicilian nobility.

Filadelfo Mugnos died in Palermo on 28 May 1675.[1]


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