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Developed by Spielberg Solutions, FileDirector is a content management system that incorporates document management [1] records management [2] and business process management [3] in a single application. FileDirector gives organizations the ability to manage all of their data, in a unified structure, which allows it to be maintained and retrieved. FileDirector assists organizations to be more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Developer(s) Spielberg Solutions GmbH
Stable release 3.0 / November 2013
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Document Management System
License Concurrent or Named Licensing


First released in 2003 and now on version 3.0 FileDirector is a product of the Spielberg group of document management software applications. Based on Microsoft .net programming language it allows for scalable enterprise wide connectivity and can support up to 128 servers with upwards of 5000 users.


FileDirector has capture capabilities [4] built into the standard Client software. Scan Profiles can be created, which hold the settings for the image scanner attached, and can be configured to store documents under specific categories. FileDirector supports many input devices, with its support for ISIS, TWAIN and its integration with ecopy ShareScan, enabling a user to send documents directly from a Multifunction printer Device or Photocopier to FileDirector.


Some industries have strict rules governing how their documents are handled. This can mean that the files stored within FileDirector must be shown to be compliant with these rules. Tools within FileDirector assist in achieving compliance to various regulations which organizations must adhere to. Tools like retention period control, revision control and audit trail mean that documents are stored in such a way that they can be audited and tracked if required by any governing bodies.[5]

Target Audience[edit]

The target user is the small to mid-size businesses needing long-term archiving and searching capability of documents. FileDirector is a competitor to more common and mainstream document storage programs such as Adobe PDF files or Microsoft Sharepoint and offers a storage structure and searchable database on the 400+ different file types it stores. It is also designed to assist in reducing the ecological footprint of organizations by promoting the usage of less paper.[6]


FileDirector is sold and supported in the UK, Germany, the USA, Brazil, Canada, France, South Africa, Australia and Hong Kong by a number of different information management organizations. In Canada it is distributed by MES Hybrid Document Systems. In the USA it is distributed by Active Data Systems. In South Africa it is distributed by Canon OEP. In France it is distributed by ScanFile France. In Germany it is distributed by Spielberg Solutions themselves. In the UK it is sold by a network of dealerships through VAR and ISVs.


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