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File Roller
File-roller 3.10.1.png
File Roller 3.10.1
Developer(s) Paolo Bacchilega
Stable release

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Preview release 3.15.92 rc (March 18, 2015; 2 months ago (2015-03-18)) [±][1]
Written in C
Operating system Unix-like
Type File archiver
License GNU GPL

File Roller is the archive manager of the GNOME desktop environment.[2]


File Roller Archive Manager can:[3]

  • Create and modify archives.
  • View the content of an archive.
  • View a file contained in the archive.
  • Extract files from the archive.

File Formats[edit]

File Roller supports the following file formats:[4]

Note: Backend programs are needed. File Roller is only a frontend.[5]

  • 7z (.7z)
  • ar (.ar)
  • ARJ (.arj)
  • gzip (.tar.gz , .tgz)
  • bzip ( , .tbz)
  • bzip2 (.tar.bz2 , .tbz2)
  • xz (.tar.xz)
  • compress (.tar.Z , .taz)
  • Portable Executable (.exe, .dll)
  • lzip (.tar.lz , .tlz)
  • LZO (.tar.lzo , .tzo)
  • JAR archives (.jar , .ear , .war)
  • LHA archives (.lzh)
  • RAR archives (.rar)
  • StuffIt archives (.bin, .sit)
  • tar
  • ZIP archives (.zip)
  • Zoo archives (.zoo)
  • Single files compressed with gzip, bzip, bzip2, compress, lzip, LZO, xz
  • ISO images (.iso) (read-only)
  • DEB (.deb) (read-only)
  • RPM (.rpm) (read-only)


  • While it has the ability to use various formats (7z, rar, etc.) with the appropriate plugins, it doesn't give the option to compress using different levels of compression via GUI (High, Normal/Fast, etc.) unlike many other utilities. This can be set however using gconf-editor.

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