Filipino Canadian Autism Parent Support Group

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Filipino Canadian Autism Parent Support Group is a 100% volunteer-driven, family-oriented support group organized to let "families help other families deals with autism". The group was conceived when three Filipino parents met at the 1996 International Convention on Autism in Toronto and has since developed ties with other autism-related organizations in the world.


FCAPSG has provided member families different activities and opportunities that allow children to develop skills. FCAPSG has also dealt with issues relative to immigration and settlement.

FCAPSG also has a choir group. It aims to provide musical educational opportunities by being able to perform at various functions. It focuses on the musical abilities of these children rather than their disabilities. The biggest success of the choir is the level of self-esteem among the choir members. It has elevated over the years for the obvious reasons that the choir has given them a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

Recently, the Filipino-Canadian Autism Parent Support Group received approval for Ontario Trillium Foundation funding [1] to assist the group in its development of a choir involving the children with Autism and their siblings as well as outreach support to additional families with children with Autism, particularly families who are new to Canada. The Trillium proposal was submitted with Kerry's Place Autism Services in a partner role to assist in the funding flow through for the group.


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