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For the Indian entertainment magazine, see Filmfare.
Industry Television production and film studio
Fate Absorbed into Cookie Jar Group
Successors CINAR (1996–2004)
Cookie Jar Group (2004–2012)
DHX Media (2012–present)
Founded 1968
Defunct 1996
Headquarters London, England

FilmFair was a British production company and animation studio that produced stop motion children's television series and animated cartoons from the late 1960s until the mid-1990s. The company's stop-motion repertoire included puppets, clay animation, and cutout animation.

Graham Clutterbuck started FilmFair in the late 1960s, working first in Paris and later in London.[1]

In the United Kingdom, FilmFair's productions first aired on BBC1, and later on ITV. Eventually they reached people in several nations through other television networks abroad. Among FilmFair's many series were The Herbs, The Wombles, Paddington, The Adventures of Portland Bill and The Dreamstone.

Central Independent Television bought a controlling share of FilmFair during the early 1980s. In 1988, Graham Clutterbuck died of cancer. One of the later produced series Bangers and Mash was decidated to Clutterbuck's memory. In 1991, Central sold FilmFair to Storm Group (aka the Caspian Group). (In prior years, the Storm Group had licensed some FilmFair productions for video distribution.) In 1996, the Caspian Group sold the FilmFair catalogue and production amenities to the Canadian company CINAR, and Kath Yelland succeeded David Yates.[citation needed] CINAR'S purchase included all associated distribution, publication, licensing, and merchandising rights.[2] In 2000, CINAR executives were implicated in a financial scandal, and again in 2001. In 2004, the company rebranded to the Cookie Jar Group. In 2012, a Canadian media conglomerate called DHX Media bought Cookie Jar Group, thus acquiring the rights to the FilmFair properties.[3]

FilmFair productions[edit]

Animated series
Title Original
Network Animation Director(s) Director of animation
The Legends of Treasure Island 1993–95 Central traditional Dino Athanassiou; Simon Ward-Horner
The Legend of White Fang 1992–94 The Family Channel traditional Steve Majaury; Alain Sion
Rod 'n' Emu 1991 Central traditional Ian Sachs; Dick Horn
The Dreamstone 1990–95 Central traditional Martin Gates
Bangers and Mash 1988 Central traditional Ian Sachs
The Shoe People 1987 TV-am traditional Clennell Rawson
The Blunders 1986 Central traditional Ian Sachs
The Perishers 1978–79 BBC1 traditional Dick Horn
Astro Farm 1992–96 Central stop motion David Johnson
The Gingerbread Man 1992 Central stop motion Martin Pullen
Huxley Pig 1989–90 Central stop motion Martin Pullen
Windfalls 1988 Central stop motion Jenny Kenna
Edward and Friends 1987 SeeSaw stop motion Martin Pullen; Jo Pullen; Jeff Newitt
The Adventures of Portland Bill 1983 Central stop motion John Grace
Moschops 1983 Central stop motion Martin Pullen
Paddington 1975–1984 BBC1 stop motion Ivor Wood Barry Leith
Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings 1976 Thames Television traditional Ivor Wood
The Wombles 1973 and 1975 BBC1 stop motion Ivor Wood Barry Leith
The Adventures of Parsley 1970 BBC1 stop motion Ivor Wood
Hattytown Tales 1969–73 Thames Television stop motion Ivor Wood
Stories of the Sylvanian Families 1988 stop motion Jo Pullen; Martin Pullen
The Herbs 1968 BBC1 stop motion Ivor Wood
Television specials
Title Premiere Network Animation
Paddington Goes to the Movies 1980 BBC1 stop motion
Paddington Goes to School 1984 BBC1 stop motion
Paddington’s Birthday Bonanza 1986 BBC1 stop motion
World Womble Day 1990 Central stop motion
The Wandering Wombles 1991 Central stop motion
Brown Bear's Wedding 1991 Central traditional
White Bear's Secret 1992 Central traditional

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