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Film Streams
Ruth Sokolof Theater
Film Streams marquis.jpg
Film Streams marquis
Address 1340 Mike Fahey Street
Omaha, Nebraska
United States
Coordinates 41°15′58″N 95°56′03″W / 41.26617°N 95.93428°W / 41.26617; -95.93428
Type Art house
Capacity 206, 96
Opened July 27, 2007
Years active 2007 to present
Architect Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture

Film Streams is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to enhancing the cultural environment of Omaha, Nebraska[1] and the surrounding region through the presentation and discussion of film.[2][3]


In late July 2007, Film Streams opened the Ruth Sokolof Theater, a new two-screen cinema in downtown Omaha's North Downtown (NoDo) area,[4] within a development anchored by internationally acclaimed music label Saddle Creek Records.[2][5]

The name "Film Streams" is inspired by Omaha (the word means "above all others on a stream") and the John Cassavetes film, Love Streams.[6]

About Film Streams[edit]

As a nonprofit arts organization committed to screening films based on their artistic and social merits, Film Streams depends on the support of its membership program, individual donors, and grants from foundations, corporations, and government organizations.[7][8][9]

Film Streams has two auditoriums with 35-millimeter platter and reel-to-reel projection capabilities.[2] The larger theater seats 206 and runs first run features. The smaller theater seats 96 and shows repertory selections "featuring classic films, themed series and director retrospectives."[7] Film Streams has DVD, Bluray, and digital high-definition projection.

Rachel Jacobson founded Films Streams by joining with Saddle Creek Records, the indie record label based in Omaha, to build a mini-campus in a deserted downtown Omaha area.[10] The block that is home to Film Streams also houses the Saddle Creek headquarters and Slowdown, a rock club the label operates.[2][11][12][13]

About Ruth Sokolof[edit]

The theaters were named after Ruth Sokolof, née Rosinsky (1925-1982), a well-known educator in Omaha who focused her life on helping children with disabilities.[14] With her husband, Phil,[15][16] many education-based scholarships are awarded in their name each year to Omaha-area students and educators.[17][18]


Designed to serve both the passionate cineaste and casual filmgoer, the Film Streams cinema hosts four principal programs:[19][20]

  1. First-run Films (American independents, documentaries, and foreign films making their theatrical premiere in Omaha and the surrounding region)
  2. Repertory Selections (classic films, themed series, and director retrospectives)[21]
  3. Arts in Education (diverse programming teaching high school students how to interpret what they’re viewing in a cultural context, learn how to empathize with characters in ways beneficial to their own social development, and analyze film as art)
  4. Community Development (lectures, forums, Q&A sessions with film professionals, partnerships with other nonprofits and community groups on film-based events, special one-time screenings for area filmmakers, and other activities that engage the public in a continuous dialogue about film and contribute to Omaha’s vibrant local arts community)


Programming includes:

  • Now Showing: First run films
  • Repertory Series
    • Alexander Payne Presents: Curated repertory series by director Alexander Payne
    • Forever Young: Family & Children Series
    • The Met: Live in HD: Presented in collaboration with Opera Omaha
  • Education
    • Daytime screenings for visiting classes: High School curriculum support
    • Student night at the Ruth Sokolof Theater: First Monday of every month free for full-time students
  • Special Events

Feature (annual fundraiser)[edit]

In addition to its regular programming there is an annual fundraiser held at the Holland Performing Arts Center.


Board of directors[edit]

  • Laura Alley
  • Roger duRand
  • Charles Gifford
  • David Jacobson
  • Rachel Jacobson, Founder/Director
  • Mark Javitch
  • Daniel Lonergan
  • Robert E. (Bob) Mundy, Secretary
  • Alexander Payne
  • Steven W. Seline
  • Betiana Simon
  • Paul G. Smith, Vice Chairman
  • Ted Warin, Treasurer
  • Katie Weitz, Ph.D., Chairman

Advisory board[edit]


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