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Jump to: navigation, search is a film-review website established in 1996 by Rotten Tomatoes-recognized film critic Tim Dirks,[1] and owned since 2008 by AMC.[2]

The site contains over 300 reviews of what Dirks judges to be the greatest films of all time. In some cases, a review goes through the film scene-by-scene. The site also contains many other lists, and pages offering an introduction to cinema literacy. is free with limited advertising and no "premium" (fee-based) service. Other features include a section for "Greatest Films of the Year" and summaries of the Academy Awards.

Longtime proponent for the site, Chicago Sun-Times film critic, Roger Ebert, has described it as "an invaluable repository of movie descriptions and dialogue" and an "awesome website [that] contains detailed descriptions of 300 great American films, along with many other riches."[3]


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