Filmyard Holdings

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Filmyard Holdings, LLC
Private Holding company
Joint venture
Industry Media
Founded 2010
Headquarters The The United States
Products Movies
Owner Tutor-Saliba Corporation
Colony Capital[1]
Subsidiaries Miramax

Filmyard Holdings, LLC is an American pure holding company, a joint venture of building contractor and heavy civil works construction company Tutor-Saliba Corporation and private international investment firm Colony Capital,[2] and is the current parent company of Miramax. Rob Lowe is an investor in Colony's entertainment fund.[3]

On December 3, 2010, Disney closed the sale of Miramax to Filmyard Holdings.[2] Investors put in $200 million in capital while raising $400 million in liabilities through Barclays PLC led group of banks.[3] Mike Lang, former business development executive at News Corporation, was selected as the CEO of Miramax,[2] and the sale, estimated around US$663 million, includes 700 film titles, as well as 90 book rights, 300 development projects and the "Miramax" name. Additional, Miramax came with $50 million in cash, $10 million in adjusted fees and a few finished films ready to distribute. Two, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and The Debt, were released in 2011. Filmyard is currently content with mostly generating revenue off Miramax's film library.[3]

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