Filthy Lucre Tour

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Tour by Sex Pistols
Location Worldwide
Associated album Filthy Lucre Live
Legs 2 (Europe/North America & Australasia/Japan/South America)
Shows 78 (six of which were cancelled)
Singles from Filthy Lucre Tour
  1. "Pretty Vacant""
    Released: June 23, 1996 (1996-06-23)

The Filthy Lucre Tour was the 1996 reunion tour of the pioneering British Punk rock band Sex Pistols. The 78-date world tour lasted for almost six months.

A live album, Filthy Lucre Live, was recorded at Finsbury Park in London and reached #26 in the UK charts. A live version of the song Pretty Vacant was released as a single in July, making #18.

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