Fin Fin on Teo the Magic Planet

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Fin Fin on Teo, the Magic Planet
Developer(s) Fujitsu Interactive, Inc.
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) 1996
Genre(s) Pet-raising simulation
Mode(s) Single player

Fin Fin on Teo the Magic Planet is a 1996 computer game for Windows-based computers made by Fujitsu about a creature that is a hybrid of a bird and a dolphin which the user could communicate with via a Webcam which came with the game, the SmartSensor.

Fin Fin responds to the player's tone of voice and volume of the voice - one reviewer describing Fin Fin as a 'virtual mood ring'. 30,000 copies were sold in the first year in Japan.[1]

Fin Fin was much like the popular Tamagotchi for your PC. If he was not fed or paid enough attention to he would sing a sad whistling song or sometimes would fly away.

Fin Fin was produced by Macoto Tezuka.


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