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Final Draft
Final draft logo.png
Final Draft 8.0 Windows 7.png
Final Draft 8.0 on Windows 7 Ultimate RC1, the Final Draft 7 logo is the top image.
Developer(s) Final Draft, Inc.
Stable release 9.0.4 / August 2014
Operating system Windows / Macintosh
Size 35MB - 50MB
Available in English (American English)
Type Screenwriting software
License Proprietary

Final Draft is a screenwriting software for writing and formatting a screenplay to meet the screenplay submission standards set by theater, television and film industries. The program is developed and owned by Final Draft, Inc., headquartered in Calabasas, California; the company also published Script magazine until 2011.[1] It can also be used to write other documents such as stageplays, outlines, treatments, query letters, novels, graphic novels, manuscripts, and basic text documents.

The current version, Final Draft 9.0.4, was released in August 2014. It contains over 50 movie and television templates, and also allows users to assign computer generated voices to their characters, who then read the script aloud.[2] Other features include CollaboWriter, which (allegedly) allows multiple Final Draft users to collaborate on scripts simultaneously in real-time via the Internet. Final Draft AV is a similar script-writing program which is designed for writing television videos, reality television, news, commercials, corporate and training videos, documentaries, and presentations. First released in 2001, it uses the split-page, two-column audio and video format. Final Draft companion applications for the iPad and iPhone are available.[3][4]

According to Final Draft's website, co-founder and current CEO Marc Madnick developed the software in 1991 to help aspiring screenwriters because he found that studios' rigid formatting regulations made screenwriting difficult.[5]

Final Draft's main competitors are Movie Magic Screenwriter, Celtx, and Adobe Story.


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