Finland–Namibia relations

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Finland-Namibia relations
Map indicating locations of Finland and Namibia



Finland–Namibia relations refers to the bilateral relationship of Finland and Namibia. Finland recognised Namibia on March 21, 1990. Both countries established diplomatic relations on the same day. Namibia is represented in Finland through its embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. Finland has an embassy in Windhoek and an honorary consulate in Walvis Bay.

Diplomatic relations[edit]

Finland has stated it has been a staunch supporter of Namibian independence before Namibia achieved this.[1]

Finnish assistance[edit]

The Finnish Government has provided assistance in the sectors of forestry, water, environment and health.[2]


In general, trade between Namibia and Finland has been limited. Namibia’s exports to Finland increased from N$810 million in 2004 to over N$1 billion (approximately 90 million EUR) in 2007.[3] However, a 2011 report showed that trade was even more limited. Finland's exports to Namibia valued €2,4 million, mainly consisting of paper and paper-products. Namibia's exports to Finland only valued €0,9 million, mainly consisting of meat and meat preparations.[4] The Finnish Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Affairs, Alexander Stubb, together with a trade delegation paid a visit to South Africa and Namibia in November 2012. The aim was to promote business opportunities for Finnish companies.[5]

State visits[edit]

In June 2008, Prime Minister of Namibia Nahas Angula visited Finland. [6]

In February 2011, President of Finland Tarja Halonen visited Namibia. [7]

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