Finland–Pakistan relations

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Finland-Pakistan relations
Map indicating locations of Finland and Pakistan



Finland—Pakistan relations refer to the bilateral relations between Finland and Pakistan. The relations were established on 12 January 1951[citation needed] and for many years they were mostly focused on trade and economic co-operation. In the recent years Finland has also contributed financially to development co-operation and humanitarian aid in Pakistan, for example by making significant donations to the World Bank's Multi Donor Trust Fund for the reconstruction of the Pakistani border region. The last Finland-Pakistan political consultations were held in Helsinki in April 2014.[1]

There is no Embassy of Pakistan in Finland, but Finnish residents may receive consular services from the Embassy of Pakistan in Stockholm.[2] The Finnish Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, was temporarily closed in August 2012 due to budgetary cuts by the government.[3] Now the Finnish Roving Ambassador to South-Asia, Mr. Rauli Suikkanen, is in charge of the Pakistan-relations, with an emphasis on developing economic co-operation. His office is based in Helsinki at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.[4] Finland has maintained an Honorary Consulate General in Karachi, as well as two other Honorary Consulates in the Pakistani cities of Lahore and Islamabad.[5]

The Finland Pakistan Business Council is an organization registered in both Finland and Pakistan with the purpose of enhancing trade and business relationships between the two countries.[6] Although historically bilateral trade has been rather moderate, more and more Finnish businesses are interested in the Pakistani market. A number of notable Finnish companies are already present there.[7]