Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 1994

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Eurovision Song Contest 1994
Country  Finland
National selection
Selection process National Final
Selection date(s) 5 March 1994
Selected entrant CatCat
Selected song "Bye Bye Baby"
Finals performance
Final result 22nd, 11 points
Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Finland took part at the Eurovision Song Contest 1994, held in Dublin, Ireland, represented by sisters Virpi and Katja Kätkä as "CatCat" with the song "Bye Bye Baby".

The Finnish entry was chosen through a national final, where 10 songs fought to represent Finland. The final was held on 5 March 1994, hosted by Jukka Laaksonen, Juha Laitila and Joonas Myllyveräjä.

National final[edit]

The Finnish national final was held at the Tampere-Talo in Tampere. The winner was chosen by televoting and from the votes of the studio audience.

Draw Artist Song Votes Place
1 Tarja Lunnas Kuka tykkää suukoista 13857 4th
2 Dario Ateljee 6009 9th
3 Sari Sakki Jäisit mun luo 6809 8th
4 Indiana Hän lähtee tänään 7738 6th
5 Rio Rakkauden tiellä 13633 5th
6 Janita Enkeli 14646 3rd
7 CatCat Bye Bye Baby 25834 1st
8 Susanne Sonntag En dans på livets vågor 17348 2nd
9 Tauski Peltonen Seitsemänteen taivaaseen 6003 10th
10 Marina Sigrids Lyft mig upp 7445 7th

At Eurovision[edit]

Catcat performed 2nd, following Sweden and preceding Ireland. At the close of the voting, despite have high hopes from the Finns, they had received 11 points (10 from Greece and 1 from Bosnia-Herzegovina), placing 22nd of 25 and relegating Finland from the 1995 contest.

Points Awarded by Finland[edit]


12 points  Hungary
10 points  Cyprus
8 points  Poland
7 points  Ireland
6 points  Malta
5 points  Portugal
4 points  Greece
3 points  Germany
2 points  Bosnia and Herzegovina
1 point  Iceland

Points Awarded to Finland[edit]

Points Awarded to Finland (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

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