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Fips Asmussen live in Rostock, Germany (2012)

Rainer Pries (born 30 April 1938, Hamburg), best known by his stage name Fips Amussen,[1] is a German comedian and entertainer.


Fips Asmussen attended an "advertising" academy, and graduated with a diploma. He is a skilled typesetter.

Since the early Seventies he works as a comedien, mostly on stage, sometimes on radio and TV. Many of his performances were published as oftentimes bestselling sound recordings. He published several books as well.

The Hamburg-born comedian lives in Querfurt.[1]


Asmussen's version of "Mein Gott Walter" by Mike Krüger appeared in German single charts. He made parodies of other songs.



Known CDs:

   Witze am laufenden Band 1
   Witze am laufenden Band 2
   Eine Mütze voller Witze
   Au weia!
   Aber Hallo …
   Das halt’ ich im Kopf nicht aus!
   Balla balla
   In der Haifischbar
   Schlag auf Schlag
   Kennen Sie den?
   Er nun wieder!
   Von Vegesack bis Titisee
   Auch das noch!
   … aus dem Leben gegriffen
   Spaß muss sein
   Jetzt geht’s rund
   Da bleibt kein Auge trocken
   Gnadenlos witzig
   Grobe Feinheiten
   Frei nach Schnauze!
   Ausgefallene Einfälle
   Das pralle Leben
   2007 - Saustark (Aufzeichnung April 2007)

Other Information[edit]

Oliver Kalkofe and Fips Asmussen maintain a humorous/eristic rivalry.

Asmussen has accused the entertainer and comedian Dieter Hallervorden several times of using various gags without his consent, such as the famous "bottle of French fries" skit ("Palim-Palim"), which Hallervorden bought for his program from the entertainer Heinz Quermann. This controversy was eventually parodied by Harald Schmidt and Oliver Pocher in the show "Schmidt & Pocher".[2]

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