Fir Bhreige

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Na Fir Bhreige
Photo of the standing stones
Fir Bhreige is located in Outer Hebrides
Fir Bhreige
Shown within Scotland Outer Hebrides
Location North Uist
Coordinates 57°37′39″N 7°13′01″W / 57.627366°N 7.217072°W / 57.627366; -7.217072
Periods Neolithic

Na Fir Bhreige (which can be translated from Gaelic into English as "The False Men") is a set of three standing stones on the Isle of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. They lie on the northwestern slope of Blashaval.

The stones are set in a line that runs WNW to ESE, nearly in alignment with the peaks of Blashaval and Maari. They protrude 0.7m, 0.5m, and 0.6m above the peat, although they are probably embedded very deeply and stood much higher when originally erected. They lie 21m and 35m apart.[1]

The name derives from two local legends. One is that they mark the graves of three traitors who were buried alive. Another is that they are three men from Skye who deserted their wives and were turned to stone by a witch.[2] [3]

The stones are located at grid reference NF88757176. They can be reached from the A865 about 3 miles northwest of Lochmaddy. One must then walk about a mile up Blashaval.

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Coordinates: 57°37′39″N 7°13′01″W / 57.627366°N 7.217072°W / 57.627366; -7.217072



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