Fire (Scotland) Act 2005

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The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005[1] is an Act of the Scottish Parliament made to "make provision about fire and rescue authorities and joint fire and rescue boards; to restate and amend the law in relation to fire services; to make provision in relation to the functions of such authorities and boards in connection with certain events and situations other than fires; to make provision for implementing in part Council Directives 89/391/EEC, 89/654/EEC, 91/383/EEC, 94/33/EC, 98/24/EC and 99/92/EC; to make other provision in relation to fire safety in certain premises; and for connected purposes. "

The Bill for this Act was passed on 23 February 2005 and received Royal Assent on 1 April 2005

Repeals, etc.[edit]

Schedule 3 amended 25 other Acts of the Parliaments of the United Kingdom and Scotland.
Schedule 4 amended 12 other Acts, most significantly the Fire Services Act 1947 and the Fire Services Act 1959 but did not repeal any Act entirely.


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