Firebox Records

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Firebox Records
Founded April 2001
Founder Rami Hippi
Distributor(s) Various
Genre Doom metal
Death metal
Gothic metal
Black metal
Heavy metal
Country of origin Finland
Official website

Firebox Records is a Finnish record label based in Seinäjoki, Southern Ostrobothnia. The label is well known in the underground heavy metal scene. They specialize in doom metal. [1]

Firedoom Music is a subsidiary label of Firebox Records specializing in more extreme doom metal and other obscure genres. [2]


Firebox Records[edit]

Firedoom Music[edit]


The Firebox label has a wide distribution network for its releases world wide including Plastic Head Distribution in England, SPV in Germany, Bertus in Benelux and The End Records in North America.

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