Fired Up (video game)

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Fired Up
Fired up
Cover art
Developer(s) SCE London Studio
Publisher(s) SCEE
Designer(s) Ben Cousins
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
Release date(s)
  • EU September 1, 2005
Genre(s) Vehicular combat
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer (1-8 ad hoc)

Fired Up is a vehicular combat game available on the PlayStation Portable which supports up to eight players. The game features a demo of Wipeout Pure. The game features three places and five playable drivers. Fired up features game sharing and downloadable levels. It is an advancement on the 2003 PlayStation 2 game Hardware: Online Arena.


Fired Up's Campaign mode is set in an unnamed eastern European country that has been invaded by a country only known as "The Republic". The player plays as a fighter for a resistance army in several different vehicles.


  • Addo - Addo is an Ex-Ghanaian secret agent, not much is known about him. He drives the Osono Charger. (See vehicles)
  • Isabel - Isabel is a woman from the Philippines, she works for a multinational construction company. She was in the Invaded country when she decided to work for Ado and his resistance force. Isabel drives the Frame buggy.
  • Viktoria - Viktoria is from Sweden and works as a UN Peacekeeper, She has many graduations in political science and many more as she studied in the US. She drives the Peacekeeper.
  • Erik - Erik is from the invaded country and is regarded as a successful sportsman, as a winner of the Paris-Dakar races. He was abroard when his country was invaded and got in contact with Addo and started to fight back. Erik drives the Paris-Dakar buggy.
  • Tim - Tim is an Ex-British army tank commander, he had known addo from teaching the Ghanaian army. He had split up with his wife and has had a drinking problem. Tim drives the Barbarian Tank.
  • "The Iron Lady"-The iron lady is the general secretary of the republic, she is regarded as a stern and slightly odd woman but has good trading agreements with the west. She is not an important character and is only seen about three times in introductions to maps.


There are four new single player maps in Fired Up.

The Capital City is the capital of the invaded country, the resistance forces are fighting around the city but there is a strong republic presence in the city. It is slightly frosty and has a frozen up river that the player can drive on. The only character available for gameplay is Addo. The shop names, signs are among the text which is written using the Cyrillic alphabet.

Northern Mountains is a snowy area with a crashed aeroplane, an oil facility and a small base next to a radio tower. The available characters are Viktoria and Isabel.

Republic City, hence its name, is the capital of The Republic. It has a monorail system and many statues and signs displaying the republic's might. The available characters are Tim and Erik.

Republic Arena is where the player fights the last boss, a very large tank. All characters in all vehicles are playable in this map. 'Regular' Republican enemies driving around - for example tanks and 4x4s are encountered.

Multiplayer maps include:

A watered down version of the Arctic.

The Quarry.

The Mayan City.

The Junkyard.

The Ruins.

Other information[edit]

A demo version of Fired Up is included in Wipeout Pure.

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