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This is a list of some of the many available Firefox extensions, or software add-ons designed for Mozilla Firefox-based web browsers. Many Firefox extensions work in the SeaMonkey web browser as well as the Thunderbird e-mail client.



Website integration[edit]

Social addons[edit]

  • FB Purity - Adds lots of filtering and customization options to Facebook.
  • WiseStamp – empowers users' emails with social profiles and dynamic Email Apps.

Google integration[edit]

  • Google Earth – provides full integration of Google Earth into the browser.
  • Google Toolbar – provides features related to Google Search as a toolbar.
  • Googlepedia – shows users Wikipedia articles along with their Google search results.

Wikipedia integration[edit]

  • FastestFox – integrates Wikipedia functionality into Firefox and recommends related articles.
  • Universal Edit Button – notifies user when a web page contains editable content.

Application integration[edit]

Browser features[edit]

Browser behavior/navigation[edit]

  • Adblock Plus – is used for blocking ads via a paired blacklist and whitelist.
  • Turn Off the Lights – is used to obscure or mask content other than a running video (context cosmetics to enhance user experience or UX or QoE, i.e., quality of experience.)
  • All-in-One Sidebar – adds enhanced sidebar functionality similar to that found in the Opera web browser.
  • Capture Fox – is a screencast tool which captures the Firefox window as well as the whole screen and records the user's voice.
  • Cooliris – a tool for browsing photos and videos from the web or a desktop.
  • Flashblock – prevents Flash content from running without being explicitly started (clicked) or whitelisted.
  • Hyperwords – allows users to select text and perform rich commands, such as instant Wikipedia look-ups, in-page translations, conversions, etc.
  • Image Zoom – allows users to change image sizes within the page.
  • Pentadactyl and Vimperator – make Firefox feel and behave like the Vim text editor.
  • Surf Canyon – is a real-time relevance feedback application which provides implicit personalization of search results on several major search engines.
  • Text to Voice – is used for making Firefox speak whatever has been selected from the webpage.
  • Zotero – enables users to collect, manage, and cite research from all types of sources from the browser.



  • DéjàClick – enables user to record and playback complex web transactions via a free web recorder for Firefox.
  • Greasemonkey – allows users to install user scripts that modify specific web pages.
  • iMacros – a macro recorder for the Firefox web browser.
  • Stylish – allows the user to install custom CSS that can modify specific web pages and XUL application interfaces.

Download management[edit]


Language tools[edit]


  • NoScript Security Suite – allows users to control JavaScript and other potentially executable content.
  • Ghostery, Disconnect[1] and AdBlock Edge – advertisement networks and spy cookies blocking; forks of AdBlock Plus
  • HTTPS Everywhere – automatically switches to HTTP Secure whenever possible.
  • Flagfox – displays a flag depicting the location of the current server. By changing the default local DNS servers you connect to (supplied by ISP), the flag can be changed.
  • Stealthy – lets you visit websites that are restricted based on geographical location, governmental or organizational regulations.
  • Offer Assistant – password management, shopping, and bill pay add-on.
  • WOT Services – warns you about risky sites by adding security icons next to search results, email links, as well as Wikipedia.
  • LastPass – offers password management, portability and security.
  • Privacy Badger – blocks Canvas Fingerprinting
  • Best Proxy Switcher, AutoProxy, Elite Proxy Switcher, One Click Proxy IP, Proxy Selector, FoxyProxy, ...: auto-proxy plugins; note that there are security issues with using proxy servers alltogether though

Some plug-ins mentioned in other categories at this page (such as AdBlock/AdBlock Plus) will also increase security.[2] Also, TOR Torbutton and Torlauncher aren't mentioned as they are not simply plugins for Firefox but instead only work on modified Firefox versions]][3] Finally also note that besides the privacy plugins, changing settings in Firefox-Preferences and in about:config is also very important.


  • Showcase – shows tabs as thumbnails, to preview, manage and search across them.
  • Tab Mix Plus – provides tabbed browsing enhancements.

Website development tools[edit]

  • Alexa Toolbar – provides access to SEO data.
  • ColorZilla – adds an eye dropper (color reader), color palettes, page zooming, and displays element information.
  • Firebug – allows the debugging, editing, and modifying of any website's CSS, HTML, DOM, and JavaScript, and provides other web development tools.
  • FireFTP – is a cross-platform FTP client which provides access to FTP servers.
  • Web Developer – adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser with various web developer tools.


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