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Firestorm Cafe & Books is a worker-owned and self-managed "anti-capitalist business"[1][2] located in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, USA. Named after the Earth Crisis song, this infoshop operates with an eye on creating a sustainable, radical community event space.[3] Firestorm Cafe & Books features a coffee bar, vegan food, free wireless internet, an extensive stock of books, and regular events (such as film screenings, political and economic teach-ins, local and traveling musicians and community workshops).

Firestorm Cafe & Books opened in May, 2008, spearheaded by Co-Creators Libertie Valance and Neala Byrne (aka Kila Donovan).[4][5] Since opening, Firestorm has hosted economist Thomas Greco,[6] gay activist Wayne Besen,[7] the Beehive Collective, environmental scholar Kirkpatrick Sale,[8] and benefits for the animal rights group Mercy for Animals.[9]

In May 2010, Firestorm Cafe & Books was named the "#2 Best Slow Money Business in America" by the Slow Money Alliance.[10] In December 2011, Firestorm was featured in a list of the "10 Coolest Independent Coffee Shops Across the US" surveyed by Zagat, a U.S. publisher of popular restaurant guides.[11]


Firestorm Cafe & Books is owned and operated by the Firestorm Collective, a cooperative body that uses formal consensus decision-making, working groups and management teams to equitably distribute labor and responsibility.[12] In keeping with its identity as an "anti-capitalist business," Firestorm is committed to operation without profit, returning 100% of would-be profits to the community.[13]

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