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Firetalk was an innovative voice/music chat program, allowing users to talk to others singly or in chatrooms. However, someone's voice can give an idea of the person's gender or relative age. It was common for persons distinctly too young sounding to be removed from chatrooms that they should not have been in.


Firetalk was created in 2003 by Multitude Communications in South San Francisco. The product, Firetalk, had its birth in a program that Multitude created called "FireTeam". FireTeam was a multi-user game played over the internet. The game got good reviews and the most favorable review came from the VoIP feature that FireTeam used so that users could communicate and plan over the internet. It was at that time that Multitude decided to branch off and create a program strictly for VoIP called Firetalk and Multitude adopted a "DBA" as Firetalk.

A mere four years later, Firetalk announced that it would need to shut down. Despite claiming to have 2 million users, it had only a few thousand paid subscribers.[1] Firetalk's web site address,, was later bought by Paltalk.


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