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FirstCom Music is a leading provider of production music for film, broadcast, multimedia and corporate productions.


FirstCom Music began in 1980 as a broadcast service company. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the company offered several services utilized by radio stations throughout the United States. Among these services are production music libraries, advertising sales libraries and station identification packages. [1]

In 1985, FirstCom Music released the world’s first music production library on CD and introduced it to the radio market. This library was the Digital Production Library. A year later, FirstCom expanded this library and began marketing it to the audio/visual market. In 1987, FirstCom entered into a joint venture with MusicHouse International of London, where the company represented the MusicHouse library in the U.S., and MusicHouse represented FirstCom Music in the U.K.

In 1990, FirstCom Music was purchased by Zomba Enterprises. As a result of the merger, FirstCom began representing the Chappell Music Library. Later, the Chappell European Classical Library was introduced.

The Film/TV division was formed in 1993, as a joint venture between Zomba and FirstCom Music. This allowed FirstCom’s music libraries to be featured in television shows and feature films.

In 1994, FirstCom Music purchased the Hollywood Film Music Library. The following year, FirstCom Music introduced MusiQuick and MusiQuick+Clipz, a proprietary music search and audition system. [2]

In 1997, FirstCom Music acquired 50% ownership in the OneMusic Library and exclusive distribution rights worldwide. The OneMusic LiquidTrax technology provided producers the first production library that they could remix to their specific needs.

In 1998, FirstCom Music completed an arrangement with Manny Kallins to purchase his New York-produced Gotham Music Library.[3] That same year, Access Music, the first FirstCom Music-produced ‘boutique’ library was introduced.

In January 2000, FirstCom began distribution of the Thomas Dolby (of “She Blinded Me with Science” fame) produced Headspace TM Library.

In 2003, FirstCom Music was acquired by Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG) when they purchased Zomba Enterprises, LLC. With wholly owned offices in 31 countries around the world, BMG Music Publishing was the world’s largest independent music publisher at the time, and the third largest music publisher among all music publishers.

In 2005, SEE Trailer Tracks, a library specializing in motion picture advertising, debuted. [4]

In 2007, Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) acquired BMG Music Publishing to create Universal Publishing Production Music. [5] UMPG is the largest music publisher in the world with offices in 41 countries. [6] That same year, FirstCom’s independent music label, Roadside Couch Records, was launched. [7]

Today, the FirstCom Music libraries are distributed throughout the world via international subpublishers. Some of these companies are UPPM-owned and operated facilities, while others are independent. The company offers over 190,000 tracks and produces 7,000 new tracks of music a year. [8]

FirstCom Music is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in Los Angeles.


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