First Daughter (1999 film)

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This article is about the 1999 film. For the 2004 film starring Katie Holmes, see First Daughter (2004 film).
First Daughter (1999 film)
Written by Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes
Directed by Armand Mastroianni
Starring Mariel Hemingway
Monica Keena
Gregory Harrison
Doug Savant
Dominic Purcell
Alan Dale
Diamond Dallas Page
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Michael O. Gallant and others
Cinematography Mark Wareham
Running time 102 mins
Distributor TBS Superstation
Followed by First Target (2000)

First Daughter is a 1999 action/romance television movie starring Mariel Hemingway, Gregory Harrison, Doug Savant and Diamond Dallas Page, with Monica Keena as the title role. It was directed by Armand Mastroianni.


A domestic terrorist group make an unsuccessful attempt on the life of US President Jonathan Hayes (Harrison) and the group's leader, Michael Smith (David Wheeler), is subsequently captured. Some members of the group manage to evade capture and continue with terrorist activities. Eight weeks later, believing the threat is past, the President organizes an outdoors activity trip for his teenage daughter, Jess (Monica Keena), who has grown tired of the public life and constant Secret Service supervision. Jess, excited about the trip, is disappointed to learn a Secret Service agent she dislikes, Alex McGregor (Mariel Hemingway), will be accompanying her, despising her over a misunderstanding embrace between her father and Alex. Jess goes so far as to spread rumours about Alex during the trip, leaving an air of animosity between the two of them.

Unbeknownst to the hikers, during their trip they are seen by members of the domestic terrorist group who have been hiding out in the same woods to evade capture. The terrorists initially believe they are witnessing a normal group of hikers, but soon notice bodyguards with guns. Eventually, one of the group recognises Jess, and identifies her as the daughter of President Hayes. They quickly form a plan to kidnap Jess in order to negotiate the release of Smith. They ambush the hikers, kill one of the bodyguards, and kidnap Jess.

With the help of one of the river guides, Grant Coleman (Savant), Alex searches for Jess and attempts a daring rescue.


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