First Day High

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First Day High
Directed by Mario Cornejo
Written by Jade Castro
Starring Geoff Eigenmann
Jason Abalos
Maja Salvador
Kim Chiu
Gerald Anderson
Kat Alano
Carla Humphries
Denise Laurel
Distributed by Star Cinema
Release dates September 20, 2006
Country Philippines
Language Filipino, English
Budget P100 million
Box office P158 million

First Day High is a 2006 comedy film starring Geoff Eigenmann, Jason Abalos, Maja Salvador, Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu released under Star Cinema. The film is the movie adaptation of the Rexona First Day High TV commercial. The original actors in the commercial were also part of the cast.


The film begins when Brainy Indy (Kim Chiu), MVP MJ2 (Gerald Anderson), Sosy Pre (Maja Salvador), Rebel Gael (Geoff Eigenmann) and Nice Guy Nathan (Jason Abalos) are college freshmen who enter FDH University, until they all got involved in the biggest mystery the university has ever encountered- the Basketball Water Contamination Accident.


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