First You Get the Sugar

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First You Get the Sugar
Origin Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Genres Alternative rock, indie rock, pop rock, rock
Years active Since 2007; 8 years ago (2007)
Members Adam Kagan
Mick Mendelsohn
Dan Moscovitch
Alex Silver

First You Get the Sugar is a Canadian four-piece rock band based in Montreal, Quebec, consisting of Adam Kagan (guitar and vocals), Mick Mendelsohn (bass and vocals), Dan Moscovitch (drums) and Alex Silver (guitar and vocals).[1]

The band's musical style has been described as a mix of "post-punk, new wave, classic rock, 1960s pop and 1970s soul/funk."[1] In January 2012, The Gazette's 2012 Montreal Music Preview described them as "danceable, giddily hooky...[and] going places."[2]


The band began in 2007 as a combination of Kagan's and Mendelsohn's former bands. The name was chosen as a reference to a quotation from the "Lisa's Rival" episode of the American animated sitcom television series The Simpsons, in which the quotation itself is a homage to the American crime film Scarface (1983).[1][3]

They recorded their self-produced, self-titled debut album independently in 2009 to 2010 in Montreal, and had the album mastered at Masterdisk in New York City, New York. The album was released in May 2011.[1][4]

In December 2011, the band was selected to record at Converse's Rubber Tracks recording studio in Brooklyn, New York, where they recorded three songs in a 16-hour recording and mixing session with Grammy Award-winning engineer Geoff Sanoff.[1][5] While at the studio, the band was interviewed by CNN and MTV.[2] The first track, "Pearson", was released in January 2012.[6]

The band was interviewed on CBC Radio[when?] and given a feature article in The Gazette in January 2012, which described the track as "pretty and propulsive," and remarked that "if McCartney suddenly finds he's missing a song, he'd be wise to look here."[1]

In March 2012, the band played in the Canadian Music Week festival in Toronto, Ontario, to positive reviews.[7]

They debuted the second song from the Rubber Tracks sessions, "Hannah", on Montreal radio station CHOM-FM (97.7) on March 29, 2012, and released the song later that week to more radio play on the station.[8]

In October 2014, the band released the song "Foreign Lands" and its accompanying video, which was chosen as the "Big Shiny New Song of the Week" by CHOM-FM. [9]

The band played New York's CMJ music festival on October 23rd, followed by the release of the full Foreign Lands EP on October 28, 2014. It was described as a "major leap forward in their sound" and as having a "classic rock foundation with a modern indie rock twist." [10] [11]


  • Adam Kagan
  • Mick Mendelsohn
  • Dan Moscovitch
  • Alex Silver



  • First You Get the Sugar (self-released, 2011)[1]
  • Foreign Lands (self-released EP, October 2014)[12]


  • "Tell Your Mama"/"Sabre Rattlin'" (self-released, 2011)
  • "Pearson" (self-released, 2012)[6]
  • "Hannah" (self-released, 2012)[13]
  • "Foreign Lands" (self-released, 2014)

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