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Firstar Corporation is the former name of what is now U.S. Bancorp, also known as U.S. Bank, a bank corporation in the United States. In 2001, Firstar acquired U.S. Bancorp and assumed its name, moving its headquarters to Minneapolis.


Firstar was founded in 1853 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as Farmer's and Millers Bank, becoming First Wisconsin National Bank in 1919 after as a result of internal evolution as well as mergers.[1] The company changed its name to Firstar in 1988.

Firstar expanded through as a series of mergers and buyouts including Banks of Iowa, Federated Bank, First Colonial Bankshares Corporation, and Investors Bank. In 1999, Firstar was purchased by Star Bank (formerly First National Cincinnati of Cincinnati, Ohio) which took the Firstar name, and then bought Mercantile Bancorporation of St. Louis, Missouri five months later.

On February 27, 2001, Firstar completed its buyout of U.S. Bancorp of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and changed its name to U.S. Bancorp.[2]

Key dates:

  • 1853: Farmers and Millers Bank is founded
  • 1863: The federal government passes the National Bank Act; the bank applies for a charter and is renamed First National Bank of Milwaukee
  • 1894: First National Bank of Milwaukee merges with Merchants Exchange Bank and founds First Wisconsin Trust Company
  • 1919: The bank merges with Wisconsin National Bank and changes its name to First Wisconsin National Bank of Milwaukee
  • 1929: First Wisconsin National is placed administratively under Wisconsin Bankshares Corporation
  • 1958: Wisconsin Bankshares establishes Southgate National Bank of Milwaukee
  • 1960: The bank is renamed First Wisconsin Bankshares Corporation
  • 1974: The bank is renamed First Wisconsin Corporation
  • 1987: First Wisconsin makes acquisitions in Illinois and Minnesota
  • 1989: The bank is renamed Firstar Corporation
  • 1995: Firstar undertakes its restructuring effort, Firstar Forward
  • 1998: Firstar merges with Star Banc

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