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Firstsite is located in Essex
Location within Essex
Established 2011
Location Colchester, Essex, England
Coordinates 51°53′20″N 0°54′22″E / 51.889°N 0.906°E / 51.889; 0.906
Director Matthew Rowe
Berryfield Mosaic. The mosaic, discovered on the site, is the gallery's only permanent exhibit.

firstsite is a contemporary art gallery in Colchester, Essex, which opened in 2011.[1] It was designed by Rafael Viñoly. It is situated in Colchester's "Cultural Quarter" near The Minories, Colchester, fifteen Queen Street (a creative business hub), the Norman Colchester Castle, the Natural History Museum, Hollytrees Museum and Colchester's Roman Wall. Its exhibits are on a rolling six-monthly basis, starting with Camulodunum,[2] while it also cooperates with Essex University to show South American art.[3] Firstsite is a registered charity under English law.[4]


Critical appraisal[edit]

The gallery's opening received a considerable evaluation in the press. The Guardian criticized the sloping walls and the architect, Viñoly.[5] It also examined it in terms of the economic expectations towards it and in comparison with other regional galleries.[6] However, The Independent praised the inaugural exhibition Camulodunum.[7] The Daily Telegraph has criticized the expense of the project.[8]

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