Fisher Electronics

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Fisher Electronics
Industry Electronics
Founded New York 1945
Products Audio-Visual and communication equipment, Hi-fi equipment, Home appliances
Slogan Bringing High Definition to Audio
Website FISHER
A Fisher Electronics record player and tape deck, without speakers

Fisher Electronics was a United States-based subsidiary company of Japanese electronics conglomerate Sanyo specialising in the field of hi-fi electronics.


The company was originally formed in 1937[clarification needed] by Avery Fisher in New York before being sold to the Emerson Electric Company for US$31 million in 1969. It was subsequently sold by Emerson Electric to Sanyo Electric of Japan in 1975, where it has remained until 2010 when Sanyo was purchased by Panasonic.[1] But the Fisher brand was phased out owing to the termination of Sanyo by Panasonic in 2012.[2] Avery Fisher remained as a consultant for Emerson and Sanyo.

Fisher is generally known to be the first company to introduce separate audio components. Originally, hi-fi systems were integrated all into one chassis.


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