Fisher River Cree Nation

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Fisher River (Ochekwi-Sipi) is a Cree First Nations reserve located approximately 193 km north of Manitoba's capital city, Winnipeg. The Fisher River Cree Nation is composed of two reserves; Fisher River 44 and Fisher River 44A. The reserve population is 1709, the off reserve population is 1389 for a total of 3098 band members. Fisher River is 15,614 acres (6,319 hectares).

Fisher River is named after the fisher, a North American mammal which belongs to the same family as weasels and skunks.

The Chief of Fisher River is David Crate.

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Coordinates: 51°26′20″N 97°22′00″W / 51.43889°N 97.36667°W / 51.43889; -97.36667