Fiskebrygga, Kristiansand

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Entrance to the Fish Market at Fiskebrygga

Fiskebrygga (The Fish Wharf) is a former fish landing in Kristiansand, Norway, that has been redeveloped as a restaurant, shopping, and tourism destination.

The former fish landing extends along both sides of Gravanekanalen, the canal that separates the town centre, Kvadraturen, from Odderøya. It was extensively reconstructed in the 1990s, with wood-fronted buildings in an old-fashioned style similar to the warehouses, painted ocher yellow and red, housing shops and a number of restaurants.[1] There are wooden piers on both sides of Gravanekanalen, where there is a bustling boat traffic in summer, and bridges over the canal give the area an almost Venetian look. The area has since experienced a renaissance.

The Fish Market at Fiskebrygga is one of the city's tourist attractions,[2] selling all kinds of Norwegian fish and shellfish, some live. Kirkens Bymisjon (The Church of Norway's City Mission) has its "Wharf Chapel", café and bike repair shop "the pedal" on Fiskebrygga.

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Coordinates: 58°08′27″N 7°59′45″E / 58.14083°N 7.99583°E / 58.14083; 7.99583