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Fitzmaurice is an Anglo-Norman/Hiberno-Norman surname originating in County Kerry, Ireland. It is patronymic as the prefix Fitz- derives from the Latin filius, meaning "son of". The surname variants include FitzMaurice, Fitz Maurice, Fitz-Maurice, fitz Maurice, and the alternate spelling Fitzmorris. According to Irish genealogist Edward MacLysaght:[1]

"Fitzmaurices are a famous branch of the Norman Geraldines, lords of Lixnaw in Kerry, notable for their resistance to English invaders in the sixteenth century. The name Fitzmaurice is also connected with Mayo because some Connacht Prendergasts adopted it."

Fitzmaurice is uncommon as a given name. People with the name Fitzmaurice include:

Given name[edit]


Family name
Meaning "son of Maurice"
Region of origin Ireland
Related names Fitzmorris

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