Five Go to Smuggler's Top

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Five Go to Smuggler's Top
Original 1945 first edition cover
Author Enid Blyton
Cover artist Eileen Alice Soper
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series The Famous Five series
Genre Mystery, Adventure novel
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
Publication date
Media type Print (hardcover and paperback)
Preceded by Five Run Away Together (1944)
Followed by Five Go Off In A Caravan (1946)

Five Go to Smuggler's Top is the fourth book in the celebrated Famous Five series by the British author, Enid Blyton.


The Five are happily staying at Kirrin Cottage for the holidays until the big ash tree in the garden falls down and destroys the top floor, where the bedrooms are located. Uncle Quentin's scientist friend, Mr Lenoir, was planning to come for a visit, but the damage prevents it, so he invites the children to his house instead. Mr Lenoir has a stepson, Sooty, who is a friend of Julian and Dick. George finds out that she can't take her dog, Timmy, but decides to smuggle him in.

The children go to Sooty Lenoir's house, Smuggler's Top, while Kirrin Cottage is being repaired. Smuggler's Top is situated on a hill named Castaway Hill. Marshes are found around the house and the marses are often covered with mists. The children learn that there is a network of secret passages inside the hill after sooty shows them one. There are secret doors in the house which open into these passages. Sooty tells them that even if the house was inhabited by smugglers many years ago, there is one still left in the hill at another wing of house and his name is Mr Barling. One night, the boys wake up and find someone flashing lights from one of the towers at Smuggler's Top. The children are puzzled by this mysterious signal.

After a few days, Uncle Quentin also visits Smuggler's Top to stay for a few days, but Uncle Quentin and Sooty disappear quite unexpectedly one night. The children are sure that they have been kidnapped. There are many suspects: it might be the butler, Block, who appears to be stone deaf, or it might be Mr Barling, who is a rich man and a suspected smuggler. The Five even suspect Sooty's father, Mr Lenior.

With the help of Timmy, the children hunt underground in the honeycomb of passages for Uncle Quentin and Sooty. Can they solve the mystery and find Uncle Quentin and Sooty before they get lost in the passages? And finally with the help of Timmy they find that Mr Barling and Block are involved together and they also find that Block is a spy working for Mr Barling and is not deaf. Finally the culprits are caught and Mr Lenoir was delighted and allowed Timmy to stay there. And you know? Mr Lenoir was going to buy the experiments of uncle Quentin which was about draining the marshes and removing mists and to allow the inhabitation in marshes and Barling didn't want it as it would effect his smuggling and another secret the whole of marshes belong to Mr Lenoir.

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