Five Knuckle

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Five Knuckle
Origin Bristol, UK
Genres Punk rock, Hardcore, Ska
Years active 1998–2005
Labels Household Name Records
Members Dan Sanfey
Edd Thompson
Saul Minshall
Jo Jo Taplin
Blake Davis

Five Knuckle, originally known as Five Knuckle Shuffle, were a hardcore punk band from the UK.


Five Knuckle from Bristol, England formed in 1998, playing punk & hardcore influenced by Minor Threat, Refused, Anti-Flag, At the Drive-In and Choking Victim amongst others. Having toured with bands like Link 80 and Capdown they were noticed by London label Household Name Records who have so far released an EP, a split CD with US band Big D and the Kids Table, and Five Knuckle's debut album "Lost for Words, Far from Speechless".

Since then Five Knuckle have hardly been off the road - with shows with The Distillers, Good Riddance, Anti-Flag, Leftöver Crack, Ensign and F-Minus through the UK and Europe.

In May 2004 Five Knuckle released their second album, called "Balance". The album is more mature than their previous recordings, faster and tighter and with personal and political lyrics that show a young band at the top of their game.

Five Knuckle split up in July 2005 and played their last gig at the Club U.K in Bristol, supported by Adequate Seven and Fireapple Red.



  • Dan Sanfey: Vocals
  • Edd Thompson: Guitar, Vocals
  • Saul Minshall: Guitar, Vocals
  • Jo Jo Taplin: Bass, Vocals
  • Shaun Peters: Drums (1998–2004)
  • Blake Davis: Drums (2004–2005)

Other members[edit]

  • Tom Gunningham: Guitar
  • Jack Smith: Guitar


EPs and albums[edit]

Year Album Label
2001 All Ages Household Name Records
2001 Look What You've Done (Split with Big D and the Kids Table) Household Name Records
2002 Lost for Words, Far from Speechless Household Name Records
2004 Balance Household Name Records

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