List of fjords of the United States

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The fjords of the United States exist mainly in the states of Washington and Alaska. These fjords — long and narrow inlets in valleys carved by glacial activity — can have two or more basins separated by sills. Most of these fjords are found along the glacial regions of the Alaskan and Washington coast.

Most of the fjords in Washington originate off Puget Sound, while fjords in Alaska originate from numerous, more varied locations.

List of fjords[edit]

List of United States fjords:
Image Fjord State Co-ordinates Comments
CollegeFjord ASTER 2000-06-24 lrg.jpg College Fjord[1] Alaska 61°08′00″N 147°52′00″W / 61.13333°N 147.86667°W / 61.13333; -147.86667 (College Fjord) The image provided is infrared enhanced
Hood Canal 07771.JPG Hood Canal[2] Washington 47°48′N 122°42′W / 47.8°N 122.7°W / 47.8; -122.7 (Hood Canal)
Icybay2.jpg Icy Bay[3] Alaska 59°59′N 141°23′W / 59.99°N 141.39°W / 59.99; -141.39 (Icy Bay)
Lynn Canal-Haines Alaska.jpg Lynn Canal[4] Alaska 58°37′01″N 135°04′30″W / 58.617°N 135.075°W / 58.617; -135.075 (Lynn Canal) Lynn Canal is the deepest fjord in North America
Mifj inlet.jpg Misty Fjords[5] Alaska 55°37′18″N 130°36′26″W / 55.62167°N 130.60722°W / 55.62167; -130.60722 (Misty Fjords National Monument)
Nassau fjord at sunset.jpg Nassau Fjord[6] Alaska 60°15′46″N 148°21′25″W / 60.2628°N 148.3569°W / 60.2628; -148.3569 (Nassau Fiord)
Pugetsoundwithcities.PNG Puget Sound[7] Washington 47°36′N 122°27′W / 47.6°N 122.45°W / 47.6; -122.45 (Puget Sound) Many fjords are contained within Puget Sound
RussellFiord.jpg Russell Fjord[1] Alaska 59°51′00″N 139°30′00″W / 59.85000°N 139.50000°W / 59.85000; -139.50000 (Russell Fjord)
Whaler off of NOAA Ship John N. Cobb-Sawyer Glacier.jpg Tracy Arm[8] Alaska 57°53′53″N 133°16′37″W / 57.898°N 133.277°W / 57.898; -133.277 (Tracy Arm)