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Fjortis (after 'fjorton', meaning fourteen years) is a derogatory Swedish term for young teens who behave in an immature, insecure or naive way, which is also used in Norway.[1] The word can also be used for people in other age groups, the term fjortis should thereby not only be limited to an age, but also be seen as an atypical type of behaviour. The word is derived from the Swedish word for fourteen, fjorton. In Finnish, a member of this group is called pissaliisa or pissis for short.

A fjortis immaturity guides them to take every chance to show how confident and mature they are. Concepts like being "in" or "right", to "have a life" and to be "normal" are key. Parents are considered embarrassing. Fjortis girls are deemed to wear a lot of makeup, and to use a script with many exclamation marks, smileys and expressions such as "*kisses*".[2]

The word fjortis is included in the thirteenth edition of Svenska Akademiens Ordlista, the single-volume Swedish dictionary of the Swedish Academy from 2006.[3]

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