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Flávio Cabral (1918–1990) was an American mural artist.


Flavio Cabral was born in New York City of Portuguese parents who were both born on the island of Trinidad, in the West Indies. He lived in the state of New York until 1936 when he moved to Los Angeles, California where he settled for the remainder of his life.

As a young artist he received much of his training through his work and affiliation with the Federal Arts Project under the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.[1]

In 1955 he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in art education

The following year he attained a Master of Arts Degree in Painting from the State University at Los Angeles

He was a professor of painting and art history for thirty years at Los Angeles Valley College. He was a member of the Federal Art Project. He was an art instructor at Los Angeles Valley College.[2]

Reproduced in[edit]

  • "American Painting and Sculpting" University of Illinois
  • "The Realm of Contemporary Still Life Painting"
  • "Oil Painting Techniques and Materials"
  • "Who's Who in the West"
  • 1963 – 60 ft. mural for Robert Fulton Jr. High School*


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