Flag of Democratic Kampuchea

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Democratic Kampuchea
Flag of Democratic Kampuchea.svg
Name ទង់បដិវត្តិ(Revolution Flag)
Use National flag and ensign
Adopted 1975
Design red field, an Angkor Wat in yellow in the center

The flag of Democratic Kampuchea was adopted during Khmer Rouge rule under Cambodia.

This flag is similar to the flag of Vietnam. It was among the communist state national flags without any symbolic red star or hammer and sickle.


The flag of Democratic Kampuchea replaced the flag of the Khmer Republic, becoming the official flag of Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge came to power in the country in April 1975. It was abolished many times from provinces of Cambodia bordering Vietnam, but the country's new government counted the day of liberation of the capital city, 7 January 1979, as the official day in which it was abolished.

Although the flag of the People's Republic of Kampuchea became the official flag within Cambodia after the ousting of the Khmer Rouge government, the flag of Democratic Kampuchea would still be used by the Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea and in the United Nations. Most states kept diplomatic ties with the Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea as the People's Republic of Kampuchea failed to gain widespread international recognition.[1]


Red represents revolution and blood and the Angkor Wat stands for state of the people, workers and peasants.

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