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Gabonese Republic
Flag of Gabon
Proportion 3:4
Adopted August 1960
Design Three horizontal bands of green, gold, and blue, all of equal length and width.
Presidential Standard of Gabon.svg
Standard of the President of Gabon
Proportion 3:4
Adopted 1990

The flag of Gabon has colors which are green, representing the forests; gold, representing the equator; and blue, representing the sea.


Standard of the President of Gabon (1960 - 1990). Flag ratio: 1:1
Flag of Gabon (1959-1960)

The armorial banner of the president of Gabon and the national arms were both designed by Louis Mühlemann, a Swiss heraldist and vexillologist. He chose panthers to hold the arms. The flag of Gabon was adopted in August 1960.[1]

The original flag adopted in 1959 was similar to the present one but with stripes of unequal width and the French Tricolore in the canton. The Tricolore was dropped at independence and the thin yellow stripe, symbolizing the Equator, was enlarged. Now the colors represent the sun, the sea, and the country's lush natural resources, particularly plants and trees.[2]


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