Flag of Guadalajara

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Flag of Guadalajara (México).svg
Use Civil and state flag
Design a rectangle divided in three vertical stripes, Blue, Gold and Blue. At the center of the flag is the Seal of Guadalajara.

The flag of the city of Guadalajara is the emblem that represents this city and is used by the town hall as representative symbol of the city. The above-mentioned flag consists of 3 horizontal blue striping, yellow and blue respectively, in the central part of the yellow bar the Seal of Guadalajara conceived by the emperor Carlos V in 1539.

The flag was ordered to design by Francisco Medina Asencio who was the 1967 Guadalajara governor, the colors were taken from the towers of the metropolitan cathedral which in the middle of the 19th century was built using pumice by the Architect Manuel Gómez Ibarra to lighten them in case of quake after the original towers were ruined in 1818 because of a quake. The above-mentioned colors are those that in a singular way represent the city, these colors can be found in the flowers of urban gardens of the city, urban equipment, taxis and the state traffic plates.

Flag of Guadalajara in Convention Center press offices.
Flag of New Galicia.

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