Flag of Mandatory Palestine

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Union Jack
Palestine ensign

During the British Mandate for Palestine from 1920 until 1948, the de facto flag was the Union Jack or Union Flag of the United Kingdom, but several localized flags existed for Mandate government departments and government officials. The only Palestine-specific flag not restricted to official government use was the Palestine ensign (red with the Union Flag in the canton, and a white circle on the fly with the mandate's name inside it), which was flown by ships registered in the British Mandate territory during the period 1927–1948. This flag had an extremely limited use on land, and was not embraced by either the Arabs or the Jews of the Palestine mandate territory. It was based on the British Red Ensign (civil ensign) instead of the Blue Ensign (used as the basis for the flags of nearly all other British-ruled territories in Africa and Asia), since it was only intended for use at sea by non-government ships.[1][2]

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