Flag of Middlesex

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Name Banner of arms of Middlesex County Council
Proportion 3:5
Adopted 1909
Design Gold crown and three short notched swords on a red background
Designed by Traditional

The flag of Middlesex is the flag of the English county of Middlesex. It is the traditional flag of Middlesex, the former historic county.[1] This traditional design is included in the Flag Institute's registry of local flags as the Middlesex Flag.[1]

Flag design[edit]

The flag is a banner of the arms of the former Middlesex County Council, abolished in 1965. Whilst such banners of county arms are legally not generally available for public use, a similar design had been used traditionally as a local badge in Middlesex and neighbouring Essex for centuries.

The pantone colours for the flag are:[1]

  • Red 485
  • White
  • Yellow 116