Flag of Puntland

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Puntland State of Somalia
Flag of Puntland.svg
Use Civil and state flag
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 22 December 2009
Design Blue, white and green-striped flag with white star at the top.

The flag of Puntland is the state flag of Puntland, an autonomous region in northeastern Somalia.


Puntland initially used a variation of the flag of Somalia as its provincial flag. On 22 December 2009, the regional parliament introduced a new state flag. The design was decided on by a commission consisting of government officials and local intellectuals.


The Puntland flag consists of three colors: white, blue and green.

  • Top: the blue stripe with the white star in the center symbolizes the flag of Somalia
  • Center: the white stripe in the center represents peace and stability in the region
  • Bottom: the green stripe symbolizes the natural wealth of the Puntland State of Somalia

Old flag[edit]