Flag of Republika Srpska

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Republika Srpska
Flag of Republika Srpska.svg
Proportion 1:2
Adopted February 28, 1992
Design Tricolour, made of three equal horizontal bands of red, blue and white.

The flag of Republika Srpska was adopted on February 28, 1992. The flag is a rectangular tricolour with three equal horizontal bands of red, blue and white.[1]

While the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina declared the coat of arms of Republika Srpska unconstitutional, claiming that it did not represent the non-Serb ethnicities living in the entity, the flag was deemed to be in line with the constitution. The court ruled that though the combination of the colours relates to the Serbian tricolour, the use of red, blue and white are considered to be pan-Slavic colours as well.

Related and similar flags[edit]

The Serbian tricolour has been used as the basis for other flags, most notably as Serbia's official flag. Montenegro has also used the Serbian tricolour with varying shades of blue. Under communist Yugoslavia, the republics of Serbia and Montenegro had flags of same design and colours. Montenegro changed its flag in 1993 by altering the proportion and shade of blue in its flag and used this flag until 2004.

The Serbian tricolour was also the basis for the Republic of Serbian Krajina. The Serbian tricolour defaced with a Serbian cross is used as the flag of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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