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Proposed flag of Staffordshire.svg
Proportion 3:5
Adopted Not yet adopted
Banner of the arms of Staffordshire Council

The Staffordshire flag is the flag of the county of Staffordshire. It has not yet been registered with the Flag Institute.[1]


The proposed design incorporates the Stafford knot in gold on a red field. This symbol is unique to the county with a venerable tradition and widespread usage. It is incorporated into the logo of the Staffordshire County Cricket Club and of Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service amongst others. The colour scheme of gold on red is similarly included on many of the arms found in the county, such as the coat of arms of Keele University as well as on the arms used by the Staffordshire Council.

Armorial Banner[edit]

An alternate flag offered for sale commercially is a banner of the arms of Staffordshire County Council and as such is the property of the council and only represents it, not the wider county.

In the absence of an adopted flag, this council flag has been flown alongside the Union Flag above the Department for Communities and Local Government.[2] It was also adopted by the crew of the RFA Wave Ruler in 2010, as its captain is from Stafford.[3]


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