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Flag of Tlaxcala.svg
Use Civil and state flag Normal or de jure version of flag, or obverse side
Proportion 4:7
Mexico stateflags Tlaxcala.png
Variant flag of Tlaxcala
Use Civil flag
Proportion 4:7

The Mexican states used their coat-of-arms preferred. They are like flags which distinguish each of them, because all constituent states of the federation and the federal district are place on a white background proportioned 4:7 as state flags. The domestic or civil flag of Tlaxcala[1] is a very old flag in Mexico's flags history. It is a rectangle divided in two diagonal stripes, one in color red and the other one in white. This flag has had an important place only in the State of Tlaxcala (in the murals of State Hall), the arms consist on a "French style" green-bordered red shield. It bears a yellow castle resembling Castile (Spain) whose flag over the main tower shows the Austrian arms. Over the border, at the top corners there are two golden initials "I" and "F" for the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, Isabel (Elizabeth) and Fernando (Ferdinand) respectively; between them the letter "K", also golden, for Karolus (Charles I of Spain and V of Germany) who granted to Tlaxcala such arms; in both side two leaves, and in the bottom two skulls and two crossed bones.


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