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The current flag of the Cherokee Nation.

The flag of the Cherokee Nation consists of an orange field with the Great Seal of the Cherokee Nation in the center. The seal is surrounded by seven yellow stars with seven points. Each of these stars points toward the star in the center of the seal. The seven pointed stars represent the seven clans of the Cherokee, as well as other symbolisms of the number seven in Cherokee tradition. In 1989 an additional star was added to the upper right hand corner of the flag. It is black, and represents the light that went out with the deaths of those who perished on the Trail of Tears. The flag has a green and black rope edging.

Historical Flags[edit]

The Cherokee Peace Flag.

The Peace Flag[edit]

The earliest Cherokee flag is believed to be the Cherokee Peace Flag, which consists of a white field, with seven red stars, with seven points, arranged in the form of the Big Dipper asterism. The Cherokee War Flag was the same as the Peace Flag, but with the colors inverted.

The Cherokee Braves Flag, as flown by Stand Watie.

Confederate Flags[edit]

Cherokee Confederate troops, in the 1860s as part of the Indian cavalry carried battle flags adapted from the first Confederate Flag. The most famous of these is the Cherokee Braves Flag, which was captured at the Battle of Locust Grove. It consists of the original Stars and Bars, with five red stars in the center of the white stars. These red stars represented the Five Civilized Tribes, who were aligned with the Confederacy. The center red star represented the Cherokee Nation.

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